Ontology DID Has Been Added To W3C-CCG DID Method Registry

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Some days ago, smartereum.com reported that Ontology has joined the ranks of Bitcoin and Ethereum with the implementation of the decentralized identifier. For more information about this, click here. Three days ago, Ontology announced that it’s DID has been added to the W3C-CCG DID Method Registry as the latest decentralized identifer in the industry.

What Is The W3C-CCG DID Method Registry

W3C is an acronym for World Wide Web Consortium. It is a global organization that sets the standards for web languages like CSS, HTML, DIDs, on the World Wide Web. The organization describes decentralized identifiers as tools for verifiable, self-sovereign digital identities. These identifiers are completely independent of central authorities, registries, certificate authority or identity providers. The DIDs are corresponding URLs that verify that a DID subject is reliable. These DIDs are resolved to DID documents which are simple documents describing how a specific DID should be used.”

Ontology (ONT) Price Today – ONT / USD

Name Price

Ontology released a table to vividly describe the specifications that are under development as related to a particular DID. The table is made up of columns for authors, network, status, and even links that directs the user to a specific page on the Ontology Github repository.

Ontology claims that it is the third public, open-source blockchain to ever implement the DID specification. It is third to Bitcoin and Ethereum. This claims are most likely true because there is no record of any other blockchain platform that has implemented a DID.

Ontology (ONT) Price Analysis

Ontology (ONT) is currently trading at $2.15. This price shows a 0.29% rise against the USD within a 24-hour period but a 2.12% fall against Bitcoin. The trading volume for 24 hours is $51,079,986 while the market cap at the time of writing is $395,167,635. Ontology has a circulating supply of 184,206,203 with a total supply limit of 1,000,000,000 ONT. The next few days of trading will determine if there will be any other significant changes in the price action.

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