Watch Out For The IOTA (MIOTA) Digital CarPass In Association With Volkswagen

Some time ago, reported that IOTA was entering into partnership with Volkswagen. The project is near its completion and it is going to change the game in the automobile industry. The Digital CarPass project will soon be available for public use. The Digital CarPass is an application for vehicle telematics data based on IOTA’s technology. Vehicles with this program will have memory that will allow them tell stories of where they went and what happened in these places. The vehicles will give reports on how they were treated during their journey.

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Digital CarPass: The Future Of Autonomous Vehicles

Digital CarPass protects people from odometer fraud and offers tamper-proof mileage history. Think of it as a report cheat that ensures data reliability on a distributed ledger. The head of blockchain research at Volkswagen, Benjamin Sinram, on an article published by Calcalist Tech, talked about how Volkswagen is interested in investing in the distributed ledger technology and in the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. He talked about the vision the company has regarding autonomous cars that would carry out transactions on behalf of users through their cryptocurrency wallet. In his words:

“We want our autonomous vehicles to be capable of providing services for clients and making payments autonomously with funds from a user’s cryptocurrency wallet.”

He and his team are working on an open ledger that can track the supply chain of vehicles from the manufacturing process to when they get to the customers. The blockchain team at Volkswagen is working on a protocol called charging protocol. The charging protocol, however, runs on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Earlier in the year, the Innovation Hub (innogy), during a consent in Berlin, presented some prototypes for Industry 4.0 and explained its vision. Tangle, blockchain and beyond, the company has made it clear that many disruptive industry 4.0 technologies will soon be unleashed.

The Digital CarPass by IOTA is one of them but it is not the only project the company is going to unleash. There is also the Digital Twins project and many more.


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