18% of U.S. Undergraduates Own Cryptocurrency – Coinbase Report

U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase commissioned a survey to better understand the extent of cryptocurrency and blockchain interest and exposure among students of top global universities. The study was conducted in partnership with research and polling firm Qriously and reviewed top 50 international universities as ranked by U.S. News.

Crypto Interest among U.S. Students

Having interviewed 675 students in the United States, Coinbase findings show that at least 18 percent own or have owned cryptocurrency. 9 percent said they had taken or were taking at least on cryptocurrency course while 26 percent were interested in taking such a course. Although the interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain was more among computer science students, the students across all areas of study showed significant interest.

Bill Maurer, dean of the School of Social Sciences at the University of California Irvine inferred that students are attracted by the new economic perspective which cryptocurrency affords. He explained:

“Students today are really thinking deeply about economic issues and alternative economic futures…Teaching about this kind of stuff now can be really powerful for students that are trying to find their own way and envision what kind of possible alternatives there might be to the prevailing economic system.”

Global Outlook on Crypto and Blockchain Education

The Coinbase’ survey also revealed a rise of crypto in higher education judging by the increase in the number of cryptocurrency and blockchain courses offered by the top universities globally. According to the report, 21 of the 50 top ranking institutions offer a blockchain or cryptocurrency course.

Demand for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Expertise

Only a few years back, blockchain courses didn’t attract much interest as it is now; infact such courses were almost non-existent. But as blockchain tech continued to get traction, educational institutions began to offer more of these courses.

The increased interest in blockchain education mirrors a similar rise in demands for blockchain-related skills. Benedikt Bunz, a doctoral student at Stanford told Coinbase that the due to this demand, cryptocurrency experts are usually snapped up immediately after graduation.

Corroborating this, Campbell Harvey a professor at Duke University said, “If you’re graduating from law school it’s a tough market these days…However, the law students that are trained in blockchain, they don’t need to apply anywhere.” He advocated for more students to gain knowledge around the technology. “You need to prepare your students for the future, blockchain isn’t going away,” he said.

Solomon Sunny is the market reporter for Smartereum, one of the global leaders in Ethereum, blockchain and currency news. He produces technical price updates on digital currencies and writes recent developments about blockchain.


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