A new platform to purchase ICO tokens, after Crowd-sale and before exchange listing

Finding a good ICO to invest in gets consistently more challenging. Sound projects with opportunities of success and returns for buyers are being crowded out by scams, poorly designed projects, or ICOs that simply never reach the network effect required for success. To make matters more difficult for the average buyer, feasible ICOs are often sold out in presale and private sales and are not available until the token is distributed in exchanges. An exciting new platform is providing a solution to both in the first of its kind token aftermarket.

Vertex: The Game-Changing Platform

Vertex created a platform that will offer ICO tokens that have been evaluated by experts and bought into early. Vertex experts evaluate ICOs, only buying into and listing on its market those which they consider likely to be successful projects. Additionally, they can have the peace of mind that Vertex’s success hinges on offering good ICOs, which will boost demand for its platform and own token. Vertex has the incentive to gather key information on the projects they are buying into an offering in their platform.

Users of the aftermarket will be able to see the ICOs information, the analysis that was carried out, and key data. To ensure they and users of their platform have the information they need, Vertex is incorporating principles outlined by Smith + Crown on self-governance as part of its evaluation of ICOs, which attempt to include all the necessary conditions for a healthy ICO.

Vertex Provides Preferential Access

To address the challenge of limited access to good ICOs, Vertex will leverage its significant capital to buy into ICOs and offer the tokens it purchased through its aftermarket. Vertex will seek to ensure early buy-in and preferential prices to these tokens, which will, in turn, be sold to users of the aftermarket. The Vertex token (VTEX) will be the tool through which users can participate in the token aftermarket. Users that have acquired VTEX (after having gone through a KYC process), will get access to information and analysis on the available tokens in the Vertex Market and will be able to participate in these ICOs using the Vertex Token. Vertex Capital’s early access and preferential prices are designed to result in significant discounts for users participating in the Vertex Market.

Additional Platform Features

Furthermore, the platform will have additional exciting features for its users. In addition to offering tokens at preferential prices, it will offer exclusive access to ICOs that will only be sold in private sales. The Vertex platform will also feature tokens bought by leading investment companies.

Investors using the Vertex market will be able to have access to all ICOs listed there after having gone through a single KYC process, which reduces significantly the barrier to participating in ICOs with different KYC procedures. Last but not least, the vertex aftermarket features an innovative design for its utility token, through which users will be able to buy and sell tokens on the platform. The VTEX token will be available in limited supply. As such, users of the VTEX token will be able to experience a de facto discount that will come from acquiring other tokens with VTEX.


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