Raising $60M To Bring Free Internet to Emerging Markets – Interview with Nix Nolledo of ODX

Bringing Free Internet to Emerging Markets [Interview with Nix Nolledo, founder and CEO, ODX Pte Ltd]

In this chat with Mahesh Sashital of Smartereum TV, Nix Nolledo, founder and CEO of ODX Pte Ltd, describes the extent and impact of internet availability in emerging markets, as well as how his organization is bringing free internet to these people in a win-win situation for all parties involved. 

While access to the internet may be taken for granted in the developed world like in the U.S. and most European countries, it is a serious issue in most emerging economies where the majority of people there have difficulty staying online for long periods.

According to Nolledo, 80 percent of all internet users in the world live in emerging markets and most of these people have internet access for 6 days a month on the average. He explains:

“For the majority of users, the internet to them is a very small and narrow space, and is defined by only a few big publishers—websites and apps—that have the scale to make these services free for them.”

This highlights the need to keep this important subset connected to the internet through the provision of free internet access—basically democratizing the access to the internet.

Introducing Open Data Exchange (ODX)

The Open Data Exchange (ODX) seeks to democratize internet access through the blockchain. The team has developed a global data marketplace where publishers and Internet Service Providers (ISP) converge. 

The system, as Nolledo describes it, involves both a B2B and B2C aspects. For the B2B, Publishers integrate with ISPs to pull data to make services free for the consumer while on the B2C side of things, consumers earn credit points by lending their extra compute power. This credit points—otherwise called ODX points—are used to purchase internet data making the system beneficial for every party.

ODX is a subsidiary of Xurpas Inc, the biggest computer tech company in the Philippines.  Nolledo, who is also the Chairman and co-founder of Xurpas, told Smartereum that the ODX protocol is important, particularly as global decentralized applications continue to grow. “If you have all the decentralized apps in the world…and most of the internet population is not able to surf the internet 30/30 [days a month] then the utility for them is diminished,” he explained.

ODX Token Sale

To achieve its aim, ODX has assembled a super team starting with trusted names who are charging the success of Xurpas. It also boasts a star-studded roster of advisors which includes Randy Kaplan, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Akamai, Christian De Faria, VP Specialist Advisor Orange Telecom for the Middle East and Africa, Jonathan Finch, advisor to Liquid Telecom out of Africa, and Brock Pierce, blockchain VC and thought leader.

Having secured investment commitments worth $60 million from its private token sale, ODX toward a $100 million token sale—the biggest ICO in the region. The startup is adding key strategic partners including major ISPs and publishers. It recently clinched an agreement with uDeal, one of the largest P2P marketplaces in the world with over 12.5 million active users. The team is set to release the decentralized ODX wallet 2.0 in the coming days.

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