Google’s Large Data Analytics Platform – BigQuery Explores Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain

Google – one of the largest and most popular tech giants in the world – has just added Ethereum (ETH) to BigQuery. BigQuery is Google’s large data analytics platform. Google BigQuery has made the dataset of Ethereum (ETH) available to allow for the exploration of smart contract analytics – according to the announcement of the firm.

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BigQuery Makes It Easy to Access Data Stored on the Blockchain of Ethereum (ETH)

The firm made this announcement via a blog post recently, and they said that “while APIs exists for frequently used features such as checking wallet balances and transaction status, it is difficult to get access to all the data stored on the blockchain of Ethereum (ETH).

The purpose of making the blockchain of Ethereum (ETH) accessible on Google Cloud is to increase the accessibility of data stored on the blockchain of Ethereum and make it much easier. While API endpoints don’t support viewing blockchain data in aggregate, the online analytical processing (OLAP) features of BigQuery allow such analysis.

The software system designed by Google on its Cloud platform can perform a whole lot of tasks. It syncs the blockchain of Ethereum (ETH) to computers that are equipped with Parity. It also pulls data from the blockchain ledger of Ethereum on a daily basis, such as smart contracts transactions, and stores partitioned data for cost-effective and easy exploration on the BigQuery.

BigQuery Supports Smart Contract Function Analytics

The large data analytics platform of Google has already provided support for smart contract function calls analysis, smart contract function and transaction times analytics. Google has also given some examples of why the addition of Ethereum to BigQuery might be interesting or/and useful to users.

The smart contract for the CryptoKitties game is one example, as it is the most popular ERC21 smart contract. The addition of Ethereum to BigQuery further adds a visualization of ‘lineages’ of accounts that have over ten CryptoKitties.

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