Ripple Inc. Enforces Rollout Of xRapid As Exchange Liquidity of XRP Rises By 300 Percent

Over the past couple of months, the availability of XRP has increased massively. According to the recent statistics from avid Ripple Inc. and XRP predictor – Hodor, the number of electronic outlets where people can purchase XRP (XRP) has surged by more than 300 percent in less than twelve months.

Hodor’s Remark

Hodor said that “about a year ago, he took record of all the known trading platforms that support XRP across the globe, and he arrived at about 29 trading platforms. Recently, he took inventory of the number of XRP entry points and trading platforms, and he arrived at $105. This signifies an increase of more than 300 percent in the number of XRP liquidity endpoints in less than twelve months, with some of the entrants showcasing milestones in the overall xRapid rollout approach of Ripple Inc.”

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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The analysis comprises of data from Live Coin Watch, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap. The sharp increase is also a positive sign for all digital currencies at large. The enormous, rapid rise in the number of options means digital currency investors and traders should no longer have to wait for a long period for trading platforms that may or may not be open for new user signups.

XRP Is the Most Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Digital Currency

In a recent analysis, it was discovered that after 220 million transactions on the blockchain of XRP, the total energy consumed could only power 14 light bulbs. On the other hand, the same number of transactions on the ledger of bitcoin can consume energy that can power 149 million light bulbs.

VISA is also on this ship, as the same number of transaction on the VISA network consumes energy that can power 8,177 light bulbs. XRP (XRP) is the most eco-friendly and sustainable digital currency in the crypto space that consumes less than even the regular VISA transactions. This means that XRP would be the preferred digital currency if the world is serious about reversing climate change.

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