IOTA (MIOTA) To Facilitate Adoption With Incentives Governments

IOTA (MIOTA) is at the forefront of a technology revolution that is fueled by the increase of intelligent autonomous machines. As the co-founder of IOTA (MIOTA) – Dominik Schiener, recently said, machines aren’t just automated, they have the potential to pay each other.

While this might sound scary, it will be highly beneficial to the society, and incentives governments to drive for its adoption. Here are some of the ways that IOTA (MIOTA) incentives governments can facilitate its adoption.

IOTA (MIOTA) Will Play A Vital Role In Making Roads Safer

IOTA (MIOTA) is presently working with a series of mobility firms, including Audi, Volkswagen, and many others, to build autonomous cars. These cars will be able to communicate with each other and circumvent accidents caused by human errors.

Also, smart cities are emerging, cities that utilize IOTA (MIOTA) to facilitate Internet of Things-based communications between autonomous cars. This use-case will place the digital currency in a strategic position for government-driven adoption. As a result, there is an incentive for governments to develop policies that will pioneer the adoption of autonomous cars, and increase its usage in the near future.

Clean Energy Development

Climate change is a reality, and a lot of people all over the world are feeling the impact in different ways. In the future, IOTA (MIOTA) will play a significant role in the development of clean energy. IOTA (MIOTA) could significantly reduce the cost of building and managing the infrastructure for clean energy, and give an enormous incentive for governments to come up with policies that will push for the adoption of IOTA (MIOTA).

The long-term demand for the digital currency won’t just be fueled by digital currency buffs; there is also an enormous potential for governments to develop policies that will enhance the adoption of the digital currency.


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