MEGA Chrome Extension V3.39.4 Now Steals User’s Monero [XMR] 

The recent version of MEGA Chrome extension, V 3.39.4, has been compromised and it now steals sensitive information from users as well as Monero [XMR] tokens from users according to a post on Reddit and Twitter. MEGA Chrome extension is an extension in Google Chrome browsers that claims to enhance the performance of browsers by reducing the loading time of pages, in addition to offering a highly secure cloud storage service.

Monero [XMR] Warns Its Users

On the official Twitter account of Monero [XMR], the Monero Foundation warned its users and all XMR holders to steer clear of MEGA. The tweet from the Foundation state, “The official MEGA extension has been compromised, and it now includes functionality to steal Monero [XMR] and other vital information from users.”

A Reddit user – u/gattacus posted on the official Reddit page of Monero [XMR] that they became suspicious of something fishery after a request for new permission following an extension update.

MEGA Chrome Extension Has Been Taken Off The Chrome Webstore

At the moment, the MEGA Chrome extension is not available for download on the Chrome Webstore. Clicking the download for the extension results in a “404 error.” Monero [XMR], which is extolled as an untraceable and private digital currency, has been the target of illegal and illicit activities in the digital currency space.

In several occasions, digital currency jackers have used the computer power of website visitors to mine XMR secretly. Back in June, a report by McAfee reveal 2.9 million samples of digital currency miner malware, which functions by using CoinHive code – a program that mines Monero on web browsers.

Monero (XMR) Price Today – XMR / USD


At the time of writing, Monero [XMR] is trading at $128 after a decrease of about seven percent over the past twenty-four hours. The digital currency is currently on the number tenth spot on the list of top digital currencies in the world with a market cap of $2.10 billion and its trading volume over the past twenty-four hours is $48.36 million.


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