3 New Exchanges Launches In Indonesia, Hong Kong, And Korea Supports Qtum (QTUM) 

The digital currency ecosystems continue to evolve and expand everywhere across the globe. This time around, three new digital currency trading platforms are starting their operations in Indonesia, Korea, and Hong Kong, with support for several digital currencies, and Qtum (QTUM) made it to the list of supported coins.

The New Exchanges and Their Corresponding Amount of Coin Listings

Bitone Trade Hong Kong is affiliated to a firm in Japan that is listed publicly, and the trading platform will be supporting thirty different digital currencies. Also, Huobi Indonesia will be supporting 123 digital currencies. Lastly, the South Korea-based digital currency trading platform – Probit, will be supporting 157 different digital currencies.

Qtum (QTUM) Price Today – QTUM / USD


Hong Kong’s Bitone

According to the official announcement made on the 6th of September by Bit One Hong Kong Limited, the Bitone Trade Hong Kong platform will be launched this month. According to the announcement, the platform will list thirty different digital currencies immediately it rolls out, and it would support more than one hundred digital currencies in the future.

The firm stated that “Their platform is launched in Hong Kong – the international financial center of Asia – and they are here to provide customers with secure and stable services. Majorly for the Asian market, the firm said they are aimed at achieving a monthly transaction volume of $5 billion.”

Indonesia’s Huobi

On the other hand, Huobi launched a ceremony on the 7th of September to unveil its trading platform. The firm has also secured a partnership with Asia Financial Group. The exchange is developed on the Huobi Cloud Platform and it will support 123 digital currencies.

Korea’s Probit

According to a report on the 5th of September, Probit Private Limited will be launching Probit in October. The trading platform will list 157 digital currencies and eight different languages, including English, Chinese, and Korean.

Coinone Launches in Indonesia

Coinone finally launches its operation in Indonesia. Coinone is one of the largest and most important digital currency trading platforms in South Korea. After beta testing, the firm decided to launch its trading platform in Indonesia.

At the moment, the trading platform supports only six digital currencies including Qtum (QTUM), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).


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