Blockchain start-up BitClave: Earn cryptocurrency while using search engines? (ICO Review)

Will you like to earn cryptocurrency while using search engines? The search engine and social network market currently stand at $ 550 million. Advertisers are putting enormous amounts of money in order to reach out to this audience. However, there is very little to gain in this equation for the visitors who are actually searching for products and services. This is going to change with the help of a blockchain-based start-up.

The data of the individuals who are searching for certain terms are entirely shared with advertisers. However, most of the visitors do not get anything when they part with their data.

Make money while searching the web:

BitClave which is a start-up based in Mountain View, California is offering the visitors some money whenever they meet the customer profile of the advertisers. This will ensure that the more you search, the more will be your chances of getting paid.

Moreover, the start-up states that it will be saving the data on the blockchain. The data of the consumers will be entirely decentralized. This will mean that there is no risk of disclosure of data or the leakage of data. This will provide security to the users.

Bringing efficiencies in search queries:

Currently, many of the advertisers use pop-up ads as well as intranets in order to get traffic. These advertisements do not add any value to the entire ecosystem. On the other hand, when the users are transparently paid for their search queries, more and more users will be inclined to find out about the products and services of the advertisers. This will mean that companies are able to increase their revenue quite easily.

Bitclave will be paying the visitors in the form of tokens. The entire decentralized technology will ensure that the search queries can be handled quite easily. This will mean that the advertisers will be able to easily optimize the campaign. Moreover, they will be able to track each and every visitor more accurately. This will mean that they are able to significantly increase the return on investment which they are able to get.

Thus, it is a win-win situation for the consumers as well as for the advertisers. Moreover, owing to the transparency, the fees of the platforms will be on the lower side. This will ensure that the amount of capital which is required in order to advertise on such a platform will be on the lower side. This will benefit the advertisers as well as the consumers. Moreover, the data of the visitors will be completely private. This will mean that there is no fear of leakage of data which works in the favor of consumers. Also, decentralized data will mean that the actual identity is never disclosed.

Adam Webb is editor in Smartereum, blockchain and currency news, where he produces updates on Blockchain, Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurrencies.


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