XRParrot Now Makes It Easier, Faster, and Safer To Convert XRP (XRP) To Euro

According to a report, XRParrot is now offering secure and fast conversion of XRP (XRP) to Euro. This new platform is aimed at helping users to sell and purchase XRP tokens for euro seamlessly. This information was disclosed by Wietse Wind – the creator of XRP Tip Bot. According to the announcement, more functionalities will be made available to support other fiat currencies in the future.

Wietse Wind Is Known for Creating Easy-to-Use Services

Generally, Wietse Wind develops seamless and easy to use services, providing users with an easy and swift experience such as the XRP Tip Bot, digital currency online wallet, and browsing statistics and information on the XRP Ledger among other services that he created.

How to Use this Service

To use this new service, a user needs to enter his/her mobile number, the source IBAN from the bank account, and the XRP wallet the user uses to send money. After which, the supplied details will be confirmed, and then the transaction will be activated and the XRP will be sent to the user’s wallet. The easy conversion from Euros to XRP will be with the lowest fees and the best possible rates.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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The whole process does not require an intermediary as it is fully automated. The automation of the process starts immediately after the user confirms and activates the transfer. Also, users can use different wallets. The platform connects with the banks of users using their mobile number and IBAN. In addition, Wietse Wind said that the platform will also enable users to create periodic withdrawals from bank accounts to specific wallets.

Also, IBAN transfers are free of charge for customers, hence the fees charged will be reduced, compared to other financial services. The most notable advantage of XRParrot is that XRP is sent to the wallet of the user immediately, and no withdrawal fee is required. The service offers lower fees compared to other fiat to digital currency transaction platforms, this makes it a great option for users in Europe.

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