IOTA (MIOTA) To See More Adoption As Tangle Proves Promising For Car Charging Stations 

After almost six months of initial micropayment and car charging tests, a team of researchers is ready to further increase the rate of IOTA (MIOTA) adoption in the Netherlands after seeing fascinating study results. The IOTA Foundation is aimed at taking over the IoT space, and they have been working very hard to achieve that.

ElaadNL Builds Car Charging Stations Using IOTA (MIOTA)‘s Tangle

Since its arrival in the blockchain space, the Germany-based blockchain project – IOTA (MIOTA) – has drawn a lot of attention to its protocol, with real-life applications becoming a normal feature of the narrative of the digital currency powered by DAG.

A Dutch portable power manufacturer and charging station – ElaadNL, took the wheels in creating IOTA (MIOTA)-enabled vehicle charging stations for the Netherlands – using a small Tesla to simulate real-life scenarios. In April, the test site of the firm was inducted by Stientje van Veldhoven – the State Secretary for Water and Infrastructure Management – together with an array of additional charging outlets.

IOTA (MIOTA) Price Today – MIOTA / USD


The charging station serves as a Proof of Concept for showcasing the competence of IOTA in an administrative setting and it also part of the huge plan to integrate the Tangle protocol into the wide network of interconnected devices and machines.

The Competence Of Tangle

Tangle is a network that is based on DAG which is aimed at facilitating machine-to-machine communications in real-time, including secure data transfers and feeless micropayments between nodes. The 5-month test has shown conclusive and definite evidence for researchers to integrate IOTA-driven smart network into the chargers to enable the transmitting of sensitive data and information across the city-wide node system.

The next goal is to plug the chargers into a smart network that utilizes IOTA for the distribution of information. Tangle is also capable of collating energy usage data from several devices, enabling a smart flow of electricity to areas with high-power demand.

The IOTA-powered charging station is a completely automated kiosk that both handles user micropayments and communicates between devices. The value of the meter is updated every fifteen minutes on the Tangle network, ensuring a reliable flow of information and seamless administration.


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