Bitcoin (BTC) Worth $193 Million Moved From Billion-Dollar Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet

Players in the Bitcoin (BTC) space are so concerned about getting more information about the Bitcoin (BTC) whales in the market doing something that could have an enormous impact on the market, especially now that the crypto market is moving between the poles of the bulls and bears. Crypto investors and enthusiasts have been trying to understand the reason behind the transfer of about 30,000 Bitcoin from a very rich wallet address that is also believed to contain about 170,000 BTC more.

Another Big Whale Is Preparing to Dump

Yesterday, Smartereum reported a $2 billion whale that drove a massive selloff in Bitcoin (BTC). Presently, another big whale is being spotted with two massive transactions. The first transaction involves the movement of 30,000 BTC (worth about $193 million) from a wallet that a lot of people believe belongs to Bitfinex. Nevertheless, the first transaction does not seem to surprise many as the knowledge of Bitfinex being the owner of the wallet has subdued concerns.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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However, it is the second large transfer that has had people wondering. The second transaction also involves 30,000 Bitcoins. Interestingly, no one knows who owns the wallet and why such amount was moved. At the moment, there is still over 170,000 BTC in that wallet, indicating the possibility of a huge BTC whale making plans to dump the coin.

If this whale moves to sell, it could disrupt the digital currency market as it would be a massive dump. That particular wallet has been under the watch of many, and here is the wallet address.

The Cost of the Transaction

The most interesting part of this transaction is that the users were only charged 19 cents in transaction fees. This is an unbelievable figure compared to the normal amount banks and financial institutions charge for transfers of such amounts.

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