Constantinople – The Forthcoming Hard Fork of Ethereum (ETH) – Will Soon Hit Testnet

On the 15th of September, Eric Conner – a member of Ethereum (ETH) community – tweeted about Constantinople – the forthcoming hard fork of Ethereum (ETH).  Conner said that the hard fork is scheduled to be implemented by the end of October. Nevertheless, the Testnet will occur much sooner than that.

Conner’s Tweet

Conner said in his tweet that “The Constantinople hard fork of Ethereum (ETH) will hit the Ropsten testnet on the 9th of October. Adding that it will be implemented on the main blockchain immediately after Devcon-4 which is scheduled for October 30th to November 2nd.

Recently, the developers made the announcement about the hard fork and stated that the release is scheduled for the second week of October. The Ethereum community claimed that the hard fork – Constantinople – will see a cost-efficient Mainnet and it will be more efficient to use.

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Conner also said that Ethereum (ETH) is presently generating 7.3 million ether every year. Nevertheless, he believes that the entrance of Proof of Stake and Constantinople will significantly reduce that number. In a Reddit forum discussing the Constantinople, some EIPs were talked about, such as ASIC resistance, Ether issuance reduction, and Difficulty Bomb delay.

In Byzantium – the previous hard fork of Ethereum – they delayed the Difficult Bomb to secure the block time of the blockchain. Nevertheless, this will result in a new issue related to Ether issuance. For this to be solved, the Ethereum community suggests the reduction of mining reward form 3 to 2, 1 or 0.5 ETH.

Difficulty Bomb is the term used to define the difficulty level of mining. The user that started the discussion on Reddit also gave her stance on the issue. She said it’s not a good lead to get rid of Difficulty Bomb. Nevertheless, delaying it until the 30th of July 2019 could benefit the blockchain.

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