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IOTA price predictions 2018: IOTA has captured the attention most of the cryptocurrency investors. Many investors are asking should I invest in IOTA today? We will today shed some light on the iota price predictions 2018.

IOTA price predictions 2018:

The one-year forecast is around $ 11. This means from the current price, it will rise almost fourfold. The iota price prediction for 5 years is $ 38. This means that from the current price, it will be able to increase significantly.

This is the reason why it is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in currently. Also, a credit investment of $ 100 will be around $ 1782 in 2022. This marks a 17 fold increase. This is the reason why many of the investors are looking to invest in this cryptocurrency.

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While volatility in the cryptocurrency will stay but if you’re willing to hold the cryptocurrency for a longer period of time, it will indeed become easier for you to make some good returns as well. Also, in the current downturn as well it was able to stabilize much quicker as compared to some of the other cryptocurrencies. That is why it will be able to protect your portfolio in case of any downturn as well. When you’re diversifying across iota as well as other cryptocurrencies, it will be able to protect during the downside.

Also, in the rest of the calendar year, there are high chances that the downside will be limited due to the significant crash which we have just witnessed. After that, the cryptocurrency just seems to look upwards. Moreover, the underlying technology of IOTA is consistently in the development. The team is trying to make the platform available to a wide stream audience which will certainly increase the value of the cryptocurrency in the future.

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You need to, however, keep in mind that instead of thinking that it will rise 10 times in a single year, you need to have realistic expectations pertaining to iota price predictions 2018. As long as you’re having realistic predictions pertaining to IOTA price predictions 2018, it will be easier for you to make good returns.

Thus, if you’re looking for cryptocurrency which can rise significantly in the next 8 to 10 months, you should definitely look at IOTA. It is able to provide good upside potential to the investors from the current level where it is trading.

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