Ethereum (ETH) Hackathons Are Greatly Enhancing the Blockchain Ecosystem

ethereum ecosystem

Since the middle of last year, Ethereum (ETH) hackathons have taken place in a lot of cities and towns all over the world to encourage the development of Dapps (decentralized applications) and systems based on blockchain technology.

The largest Ethereum hackathon ever held – ETHGlobal – has played a major role in facilitating the growth and development of the open source developer community of Ethereum (ETH), providing educational talks, technical workshops, and resources to hackers that partake in events to build apps.

Recently, ETHBerlin – which a lot of hackers refer to as the most successful Ethereum (ETH) hackathon – saw the arrival of a whole lot of innovative projects such as a game of Battleship using SNARKs and Sharding prototype which was coded by Vlad Zamfir – a highly respected Ethereum (ETH) researcher.

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Hackathons Are Revolutionizing the Blockchain Industry

A protuberant investor in the digital currency space known for her work as an advisor to Ox and the co-founder of Scalar Capital – Linda Xie, got involved in ETHGlobal hackathons since its first hackathon at Waterloo in Canada on 13 October last year.

At ETHBerlin – which gained considerable media coverage as a result of its efforts to solely depend on Ethereum-based solutions and decentralized apps to enhance activities at events such as ticketing, hotel booking, and live streaming, developers from the local community in Germany and several other nations took part in the hackathon to create products on the blockchain.

Linda Xie Was Thrilled by ETHBerlin Hackathon

Xie said that she was surprised by the enormous level of activity in the digital currency community in Berlin – which basically focuses on creating products and partnering with other developers. She also added that the project she loves most from the event was Ethstonia Identity – a product that lets Estonian e-Residency ID card holder sign Ethereum (ETH) transactions using their cards.

Presently, blockchain technology and the digital currency market are still in their early stages. Infrastructures to support institutional investors are just being built and scaling solutions to improve the capacity of base protocols such as Ethereum are showing considerable progress.

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