Riccardo Spagni Of Monero [XMR] Talks About The Privacy Aspect The Monero 


A core team member of Monero [XMR] – Riccardo Spagni talked about the privacy nature of Monero [XMR] on a recent episode of Whatbitcoindid. The interview covered a whole lot of topics, which included the similarities between Monero [XMR] and Bitcoin (BTC) and also the importance of privacy for digital currencies.

Why Riccardo Chose Monero [XMR]

Riccardo talked about the reason why he chose Monero [XMR]. He said that one of the major factors that attracted him to the digital currency was that Monero [XMR] is not based on the code of Bitcoin (BTC). He said he gave the digital currency a “second look” just for this reason alone.

Riccardo further added that Monero [XMR] was “new” even though the codebase of the blockchain project wasn’t a “very mature code.” He also said that the privacy nature of the digital currency was another crucial reason why he chose it. Riccardo added that the blockchain project was doing “something concrete” for privacy, and it has pushed the barrier of privacy ahead.

Monero (XMR) Price Today – XMR / USD


The core Monero team member also talked about how a part of the Bitcoin (BTC) maximalists community are not happy about all the altcoins, why they refer to them as shitcoins, except for XMR. He said the reason is that everyone that got involved with Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero [XMR] in the initial period had to encounter similar issues.

According to Riccardo, everyone that got involved with Monero [XMR] earlier had to deal with a command-line wallet, CPU mining, and the whole database was stored in a RAM of 4 to 5 gigabyte for the first six months.

With all the nasty stuff they have gone through over the years, Monero [XMR] still turns out to be the best privacy-oriented digital currency in the crypto space, and the digital currency has been doing pretty well over the years.


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