BitBay – Which Dominates 70% of Poland’s Market Shares – Adds Tron (TRX) To Its Platform

On 19 September, the CEO and founder of Tron (TRX) Foundation – Justin Sun, made an announcement on Twitter that Tron (TRX) will be added to the list of tradable digital currencies on BitBay. BitBay is a digital currency trading platform that facilitates the trading of top digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Lisk (LSK).

The Tradable Pairs of Tron (TRX) on BitBay

The trading platform also announced the listing of TRX/EUR, TRX/BTC, TRX/USD, and TRX/PLN trading pairs. This listing would enable both platforms to create a communally beneficial partnership through which they’ll adopt the use-cases of blockchain technology.

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD


About BitBay

BitBay exchange was founded in Poland back in 2014, and it is the third largest digital currency trading platform in Europe. With more than 100 employees and over 1,000,000 users across the globe, the trading platform has a market share of more than 70 percent in Poland. The goal of the trading platform is to create a digital currency trading platform which is nowhere available in the Polish market, especially for selling and buying Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC).

Tron (TRX) TRONWEB Released

The developer team of Tron (TRX) is full of amazing surprises, and the launch of TRONWEB is one of the numerous surprises the blockchain and the community of the digital currency will take pride in today and in the future. This is an enormous milestone, and the JavaScript-based API will connect the projects of users to the network of Tron (TRX).

One of the major agenda of Tron (TRX) is to build a decentralized web, and the entry of TRONWEB is a major breakthrough in the industry. This new development will also increase the popularity of the blockchain of Tron (TRX) considering the fact that the API is an improvement of Ethereum’s Web3.js.

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