Here’s Why Monero [XMR] Can Hit $1,000 In The Long Run

Monero [XMR] is pretty much the best privacy-oriented digital currency in the crypto market. The digital currency has been known for being uncensorable, and it comes in handy for sending fund without any sort of traceability, not even by the government. But the question in the crypto space is “Is Monero [XMR] viable as a long-term digital currency investment option, one that can survive the test of time and offer massive gains in the long run?”

Well, from the fundamentals, it’s possible that XMR isn’t just a good investment, but it could emerge as one of the best digital currency investments in the long run. Listed below are two vital reasons why Monero [XMR] could be a big hit in the future and hit the $1k mark.

Monero (XMR) Price Today – XMR / USD


People Always Have Reasons to Hide Funds or Make Anonymous Transactions

Monero has been known to be an untraceable digital currency. This means that anyone that wants to hide funds, for reasons best known to them, can always rely on Monero [XMR]. For XMR investors, this is a huge advantage in the long-term value of the digital currency. That is because there will always be a need for people to hide money.

In the long run, this would have a significant effect on the value of the digital currency. It is one of the few digital currencies whose price is assured. That is because it is anchored in human nature and not mere speculation.

Monero [XMR] Has the Traits of Money

One thing that makes fiat currency valuable is its fungible nature. This means that a unit of fiat currency possesses the same value as the next, despite its origin. Monero [XMR] has similar features. This is a very big deal to the value of the coin in the long-run because it means that anyone can use XMR without the fear that their token will be blacklisted by trading platforms.

The digital currency also has the realistic potential of hitting $1k in the near future. The potential growth of the coin is based on the reality of human nature, and this is something that will not change.


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