Gig Economy on Blockchain: Interview with Jeff Tennery, Founder and CEO of Moonlighting

Jeff Tennery is an executive with the mobile business industry with more than thirty years’ experience. He is presently the CEO and Founder of In the past, he worked on the first cellular networks over two decades ago.

Tennery joined the Blockchain train to bring the privacy for gig economy. He already had a user base of more than six hundred thousand people with so much data to work with. The plan was to ensure that the data, which was stored on their servers, is safe from third parties.


Moonlighting is a mobile app that allows users to hire and be hired with ease. It looks like LinkedIn but is fast like Uber when it comes to hiring. Consultants, attorneys, fire jugglers, pet sitters, and all other areas of specialization use the app. The app currently has more than 650 users on the platform. The user data will be moved to the Blockchain to make it more secure. There will be verification exercises as well.

The goal is to decentralize the platform. For three years, the app ran as a centralized marketplace a lot similar to Fiverr, Upwork. Decentralizing the platform gives users an upper hand on usage. The app has grown exponentially in a short period and is expanding to different continents to allow users to have total control over how they use it.

Tennery believes that the app should have millions of users in a few years. He also believes that Blockchain profiling will make the hiring process easier as employers will have access to verified information and can trust the user.

Finding a Blockchain developer

It is quite difficult to find a Blockchain developer as there is a shortage around the world. The company is bringing in crypto experts from around the world and is a part of the recruitment ecosystem. Currently, the app is connecting people with these experts.

Disrupting the system

Blockchain will change the recruitment ecosystem because it adds trust for people to hire quickly in a safer environment. Also, freelancers will not be made to relinquish a chunk of their paycheck as commission. This makes it a lot different from most of the platforms available now. The business model runs on a monthly subscription rather than a commission from each project. There is an opportunity for users to take part in activity and get promoted or get work quickly after subscribing.

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