Tron (TRX) Announces the Launch of TronWatch Market and Token Sales


Tron (TRX) recently announced TronWatch Market and token sales. The project is a collaboration between Sesameseed and TronWatch. This week has been a great one for the Tron (TRX) Foundation and the Tron Community, in addition, they can celebrate with the latest announcement for this blockchain project.

Tron Watch – an open source wallet – has been working with Sesameseed – the team behind the recently deployed SEEDgerminator – to launch a decentralized, open source trading platform that will further enhance the network of Tron (TRX).

TronWatch Market

The new decentralized exchange (DEX) is named ‘TronWatch Market,” and the project will be built to provide users a secure and decentralized space for trading from any Tron token to TRX. According to the announcement, all the transactions will be processed by smart contracts to make sure that no intermediary or middleman is required.

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD


As mentioned earlier, the entire project will be open sourced, allowing for the improvement contributions of individuals, and also to let security companies audit smart contracts. This decentralize exchange has the potential to be yet another breakthrough for the community of Tron, partly because it is aimed at gathering all Tron Token traders in one place, hence facilitating a marketplace for those that want to trade.

TronWatch Token Sale

TronWatch has also announced a Token Sale to fund the project and to make sure it will be finished and deployed. Users can purchase TWM (TronWatchMarket) tokens via two methods. The first is to use the Basic Token system of Tron to buy these TWM tokens with TRX for a fixed price of $0.01 or 0.5 TRX per token. The second method is powered by the SEEDgerminator of Sesameseed.

The hard cap of the token sale is $5 million (250 million TRX) and the soft-cap is $270,000 (13.5 million TRX), and if the soft-cap is not reached, users will be refunded.

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