Gavin Wood – Ethereum Co-Founder – Apologized For a Now-Deleted Post He Wrote Years Ago

Gavin Wood – the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) – has come out to apologize about a post he made in 2013 which is now deleted, in the post he wrote about sleeping with a dying preteen girl whose name is Elizabeth. Wood, who left Ethereum back in 2016, made a lengthy post on Twitter after elements of his posts were republished by BuzzFeed.

The republished elements of Wood’s posts first resurfaced on a Reddit digital currency group in 2017. Wood categorized the story as a “work of fiction.” Business Insider has tried to contact Ethereum and Wood for comment. In the now-deleted post from the old blog of Wood, he described sleeping with a girl named Elizabeth as “Insights into a Modern World.”

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In the post, he described her as a girl he used to babysit that contracts AIDs. According to BuzzFeed, the girl, who would have been eleven or twelve at that time, then asked Wood – who was 18 years old then – to have sex with her before she dies.

Wood claims in a statement that that account is totally fictional and it is aimed at sparking a debate about the nature of consent. He said, “His story is fiction and it was written only as a literary thought-experiment in the context of current events.

An investigation was carried out by BuzzFeed and they weren’t able to find any record of a girl named Elizabeth dying in Lancashire County, UK, – where wood grew up at the time when he wrote the story in his blog. Nevertheless, BuzzFeed noted that Wood wrote in the post that the girl gave him a woven bracelet, and that he has been seen to put on a woven bracelet in photographs and at events.

However, Wood has apologized to all those that had been upset by the content of his post, adding that it wasn’t his intention to upset anyone.


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