NEM price predictions 2018: Cryptocurrency will grow with complete stability – NEM/XEM USD price -XEM News Today- Mon Nov 12

NEM price predictions 2018: NEM was designed to speed up the blockchain-based transactions and to provide revolutionary consensus mechanism. This ensures that the platform would be able to grow with complete stability. The unique offering has already caught the attention of many developers.

While the fundamentals of the platform are pretty strong most of the investors are trying to find out if they should invest in NEM.

NEM price predictions 2018:

NEM is currently trading around $ 0.54. The one-year forecast of the cryptocurrency is around US$ 0.86. This means, from the present prices it is still offering a decent upside of 60% in this very calendar year. In the pending 10 months, the return of 60% is good enough. When you look at the five-year forecast of the cryptocurrency, it is around $ 1.65. Thus over a period of 5 years as well, it provides plenty of upside.

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While on the whole, these predictions might look a little bleak but when you take into account the strong application of the platform which it is developing, it would provide you with good returns and stability in your portfolio. Also, it is a good diversification option considering the fact that the platform is finding increasing takers.

Moreover, the company believes that over a period of time, it would be able to provide blockchain solutions which are much more stable and which provide a higher output as compared to some of the other blockchains. If that happens, the value of the token would increase even further.

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Also, the platform provides additional security as well which would definitely attract more users to its platform. The permission-based private blockchain ensures that there is complete privacy whenever transactions are conducted on the blockchain. This would in the future attract enterprise level clients as well which would definitely increase the credibility as well as usability of the blockchain. A lot of companies are looking for entirely private and permission-based blockchain in order to migrate their systems.

Thus, if you’re looking to invest in lesser-known cryptocurrencies which can provide you with a decent upside, NEM is a good option for you. Even though it might not offer you sky high returns but considering the fact that it offers you returns with stability, you can be sure that you would be able to enhance the returns of your portfolio with the help of this cryptocurrency. Moreover, it is a good idea to invest in a cryptocurrency which is among the top 20 with marketcap.

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