Ethereum (ETH) Reveals Software to Enhance Its Scalability – Turbo Geth

Like every other public blockchain out there, Ethereum (ETH) anticipates supporting as many users as possible. The issue today is that it is pretty difficult to know the limits on the platform. Due to a hardcoded limit on computation per block, the blockchain of Ethereum (ETH) presently supports about fifteen transactions per second compared to the number of transactions processed by Tron (TRX), or say, the 45,000 processed by Visa.

The Limitation on Blockchain Systems

This transaction limit of Ethereum (ETH) and other blockchain systems has been a discussion subject by academics and developers for a long time now. The solution to this issue seems to be have figured out by Turbo Geth. Turbo Geth’s raw architecture has been built – and it is now available for trial by early adopters.

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The individualistic software developer that developed the groundbreaking software – Alexey Akhunov, said that unlike several other scaling solutions, Turbo Geth is aimed at tackling the so-called state of Ethereum, instead of transaction costs and congestion. Akhunov said by rewriting Geth, the in-house software of the Ethereum Foundation for interacting with the blockchain, he has cut down storage to one-fifth of its present size. This approach allows Ethereum (ETH) nodes to run on cheaper hardware.

More Improvements Still Needed

While there is still work to be done – as the new software lacks some of the features expected by users – Akhunov believes Turbo Geth will inspire others to embark on similar experimental approaches to design. In addition to having an interface that is not user-friendly, Turbo Geth would take about two weeks to synchronize with the blockchain.

As a result of this, the developer of the software said that it the software will need to add support for a feature that reduces the sync time by letting users link up with screenshots provided by other archive nodes.

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