The Chairman Of Cardano (ADA) Under Pressure On Twitter

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Today, Mr. Michael Parsons – the chairman of the Cardano (ADA) Foundation – is under fire on Twitter. Cardano (ADA) fans on Twitter are criticizing him for his low commitment to the project and slow progress in the development of the ecosystem of Cardano. Tweets Calling For Parsons’ Resignation

There are a series of tweets on Twitter regarding the slow growth of the blockchain project. Rick McCracken also tweeted that “A lot of people, including himself, in the Cardano (ADA) community are sick and tired of the lack of progress in the ecosystem of Cardano (ADA), and he thinks Mr. Parsons need to resign.”

Is The Role Of Parsons Really Important?

But does Parsons’ role really matter to Cardano’s future growth? Well, considering the mission of the Cardano (ADA) Foundation, the role of Parsons is important to the overall growth of the blockchain project in the near-term. The reason is that the ultimate goals of the Cardano (ADA) Foundation is to grow the community of Cardano (ADA), drive adoption, and secure partnerships that add to the inherent value of the project. In order words, the Cardano Foundation is aimed at publicizing the digital currency and creating more awareness for the blockchain project.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


As such, the chairperson role in the Foundation requires an outspoken person, an individual that can get people more interested in the project, and look forward to investing in it. The marketing aspect of the project is also as important as the technical aspect. This is because the project may be perfect technically, but if people are not aware of it, then it will not attract many investors.

Nevertheless, as seen on, the long-term prospect of the blockchain project is quite good despite the lack of inspiration at the Foundation. This is because the development team behind Cardano (ADA) are meeting major milestones on the roadmap to build one of the most practical and versatile blockchains in the market.


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