Crystal Rose, Hertej Sawhney, Justas Pikelis & On Yavin take the stage and join KamaGames, CitiCash & Cointelligence to headline CryptoBlockCon London

Cryptoblockcon London

September 24th, 2018, London UK: The future of Blockchain is top of the agenda CryptoBlockCon London, taking place September 24-25 at Cargo, 83 Rivington Street, with tickets available on the CryptoBlockCon website.

Highlights of the event will include presentations from with Hertej Sawhney & Justas Pikelis, and panel discussions discussing future possibilities of blockchain technology, decentralization, tokenization, and market activity for the coming year.

Addressing common challenges for industries to understand, develop and succeed in the area of blockchain and crypto assets, the event will bring together world leaders across industries, from finance to healthcare.

Representatives from KamaGames, CitiCash, Kinect, Cointelligence amongst others will be in attendance to showcase how companies are using blockchain technology to continuously innovate and disrupt industries.

CJ Smith, Co-Founder at CryptoBlockCon, said: “CryptoBlockCon’s traveling events showcase companies who are using blockchain to improve industries with increased efficiency, security and transparency, educate current and future industry participants on blockchain technology, and ultimately serve as a platform to connect industry participants to assist in the adoption and implementation of blockchain technology.

London is a fantastic location to celebrate innovation in Blockchain, and we are excited to see so many representatives from across the world come together to look at how the sector will continue to evolve.”

Topics up for discussion in London will include:

  • ‘ICOs to STOs – The future of investing in blockchain’
  • • ‘Industry Realignment: Creating Real World Blockchain Applications’
  • ‘Re-Energising the Performance and Financing of the Healthcare Landscape’

Plus, much more. View the full agenda for CryptoBlockCon London here.

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We’ll see you in London!

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