Ethereum Classic price predictions 2018: The cryptocurrency can provide almost fivefold return – USD / Ethereum Classic price analysis – Ethereum Classic News-Sat Jun 23

Ethereum Classic price predictions 2018: Ethereum classic is the original Ethereum cryptocurrency. The Ethereum blockchain is based on the smart contracts system. It also allows the developers to run various applications as well. With the help of decentralized blockchain, the developers will be able to easily run the application with increased security. Moreover, smart contracts can be easily executed on the blockchain.

While the applications of Ethereum might be plenty but most of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts are just interested in knowing the price predictions of Ethereum classic. When you are investing in any cryptocurrency, you have to look at the underlying fundamentals of the platform as well. Now that, you are familiar with the fundamentals, we will go into the price predictions of this cryptocurrency.

Ethereum Classic price predictions 2018:

Currently, the cryptocurrencies are trading around $38. By the end of this calendar year, it is slated to reach around $65. Within 5 years, it is slated to reach around $171. Thus, the amount of appreciation which it can provide you in a five-year period is enormous. It can provide you with almost fivefold return in 5 years. This is good enough for any cryptocurrency investor. Moreover, since the volatility is comparatively on the lower side, it will become easier for you to bring some stability in your portfolio with the help of this cryptocurrency.

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Also, since it is the classic cryptocurrency, you can be sure that there will be no more forks to this cryptocurrency. This will also mean that the value of the cryptocurrency is retained as well. When the value of the cryptocurrency is retained, it will indeed become easier for you to gain from the price rise as well.

It is the original Ethereum cryptocurrency which ensures that it can be considered as a blue-chip cryptocurrency as well. This provides you with an added security in your portfolio. In most of the cases, when the blue-chip cryptocurrencies can provide you with this kind of return, there is no need to look into the smaller cryptocurrencies.

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Thus, if you’re looking to invest in Ethereum classic, it is important to look into these few points and after that take an investment call. Currently, the price seems to be rolling around favorable levels and you can think about an investment at the current prices. If you’re willing to hold for a long period of time, you will be able to get good returns from these levels.


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