XRP (XRP) Offers Lower Transaction Fees Than Banks, Says Corry Johnson – XRP Draws More Attention

Over the past week, XRP has taken the center stage in the digital currency space as it made a move that hasn’t been seen in the crypto market for quite some time now. The digital currency has generated a significant amount of interest over the past two weeks, as there have been positive announcements towards the coin by its parent firm – Ripple Inc.

Despite being deep in the red now, after seeing gains of more than 110% over the past week, the digital currency still draws more attention from institutions and individuals. The digital currency has been able to attract the interest of both casual investors and large-scale institutional funds.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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XRP Distance Itself from Ripple in Online Searches – Google Trends

Google trends tool has revealed that XRP has not only doubled in terms of search volume, but it has also gapped itself from Ripple. The recent news around the digital currency, such as the soon to be launched xRapid that processes payments with XRP – has increased the interest in the digital currency as a lot of banks and payment solutions have long been waiting for this product.

The Transaction Fees of XRP Are Significantly Lower Than the Current Charges of Banks

In an effort to keep the flames of XRP’s bullish trajectory burning, Ripple’s Chief Marketing Strategist – Cory Johnson, in an interview, discussed the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform when conducting and processing transactions. Specifically, Cory Johnson said that transaction rates on the platform of Ripple are less than 1/1000th of what banks offer.

He also added that banks and financial institutions would see a considerable reduction in the amount of fees they pay if they decide to adopt the product of Ripple. This is one of the major reasons why a lot of banks and financial institutions have been waiting for the launch of xRapid.

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