Ontology To Use 4Stop’s Identity Authentication Services 

Verification has always been an integral aspect of every blockchain system. Even technology that doesn’t rely on the Blockchain uses one form of verification or the other for security purposes. Ontology, with the significance of verification in view, has decided to carry out Know Your Customer Verification using the services of 4Stop to build trust on the Ontology ecosystem. Both organizations will work hand in hand to make the Ontology ecosystem more valuable by providing digital identity services.

Ontology (ONT) Price Today – ONT / USD


With the assistance and permission of Ontology, 4Stop is going to be fully involved in the trust system of the Ontology network that integrates certification sources globally to authenticate and verify objects, people, affairs and assets. The Real Economy strategy by Ontology is aimed at providing a comprehensive and robust system for multi-source identification. The overall goal is to promote more effective use cases and a powerful trust cooperation. Ontology, with assistance from 4Stop, generate Know Your Customer requirements to ensure that Ontology’s Blockchain continues to be trustworthy. Some of the services include people authentication, validation and verification.

The CEO of 4Stop Ingo Ernst said during a press conference:

“We are happy to be part of this ever-growing Blockchain technology in partnership with Ontology. By offering our services for authentication, the blockchain will be able to authenticate information on a global scale. We all know that personal data is ever-evolving on a global scale. So, it is important that we provide a standard, mainstream infrastructure that is easy to access globally. We are happy about being part of this and we can’t wait do work with Ontology on future developments.”

Ontology (ONT) Price Today

Ranked as the 29th largest cryptocurrency per market capital Ontology (ONT) is currently trading at $1.8399. This is according to the data on CoinMarketCapital. This indicates a 0.14% fall against the USD. The next few days of trading will determine if the price action will change or not.


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