Monero Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Disrupts Government Site 

Over the last few months, Monero has been mentioned in more than one cryptojacking occurrence. Apparently, it is the favorite platform for cyber criminals thanks to its strong privacy policies. Well, the Monero community seems to have had enough of the cryptojacking especially after a cryptocurrency mining malware hit a government site. The community came together to denounce all individuals that were behind the mining malware campaign. The mining malware was meant to steal computing power for the creation of Monero XMR tokens. The official statement from the community clearly condemns such a actions and other mining tactics that are practiced without the consent of the other party. The community also assured the public that it would not seat by and watch these criminals attack victims.

Monero (XMR) Price Today – XMR / USD


For this reason, the Monero community decided to create a team of volunteers who will provide resources and tools that can be used to provide an extra layer of protection against malicious hackers and cryptojackers. It is referred to as the Monero Malware Response team. The group provides resources for all those who are interested in protecting themselves against these attackers.

Why Cryptojackers Love Monero

One thing has been established for a while now and that is the fact that cryptojackers have a thing for Monero. The XMR token is often in the middle of these incidents because of the privacy of the network. It is impossible to track transactions on the Monero network making the token excellent for illegal mining and stealing. It is also used to close illegal deals on the dark web.

Using a modified version of CoinHive, hackers can get their hands on $250,000 worth of Monero (XMR) monthly. This is a problem as it taints the image of the Monero platform and community. The privacy policies that were created to protect honest users are now being used for dishonest purposes. For the first time, the Monero community has decided to publicly denounce these unfortunate situations. While they may not be able to completely eliminate the threat, they may be able to help those at risks.


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