One Year Later, What Has Cardano Accomplished?

When it comes to third generation cryptocurrencies, time flies. Already, Cardano is one year old. While the cryptocurrency industry is going through a rocky path and Cardano is especially suffering at this time, it’s still important to review the achievements the platform has made within the last twelve months. If you’re a Cardano enthusiast, you ought to be proud of the progress that this new generation platform has made. You might be wondering how this is possible since the price of Cardano (ADA) has reduced significantly over the past few months. Well, the value of a cryptocurrency is no longer calculated or based on the price of its native token. Investors are more interested in milestones and developmental progress than in the price of the token.

What Has Cardano Achieved This Year?

The Cardano platform has made it clear that it’s major focus is sustainable growth and not price value. Cardano is one of the leading coins in terms of adoption. This may be due to the fact that it is affordable and accessible to people in developing nations. So, what has Cardano been up to?

How Well Did Cardano Do This Year?

Over the last twelve months, Cardano has gotten increased visibility as many exchanges and wallets have listed the ADA coin because the have seen that the platform has a strong story. Between September last year and September this year, Cardano (ADA) has been listed on 21 exchanges including top exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, UPbit, Cryptopia, Bithumb, Kraken, BitMex, eToro, etc. As more exchanges list it, the awareness increases and so does adoption.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


One reason why Cardano has done well since inception is that the platform has a strong community supporting it. The Cardano team is also determined to make sure that the future of Cardano is bright against all odds. These last 12 months are only the beginning, with all the projects in store, Cardano is going to see rapid growth soon. If you have Cardano, hold it. If you’re thinking of building a DApp, build it on Cardano’s Blockchain.


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