Could EOS Be The Next Big Thing In Blockchain Technology?

Many people are focused on big networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. They fail to see the potential of underdogs like EOS. If you’ve been ignoring EOS, it’s time for a change in perspective. With so many bumps on the road in the cryptocurrency market, deciding which cryptocurrency to invest your money on might be challenging. One thing you should keep in mind is that the cryptocurrency market is high risks and high reward. So, when you want to invest in an expensive coin like Bitcoin, be prepared to lose your entire capital when things go south. You can play it safe and invest in cheaper third generation cryptocurrencies like EOS.

Does EOS Have Potential?

Since its launch in 2017, has been selling tokens to interested parties raising up to $4 billion within this period. The company hosted a token sale that lasted for an entire year ending in June 1st 2018. The company proceeded to create two new cryptocurrencies that were worth $4 billion each. If this says anything about, it’s that it is productive. The developmental team in charge of EOS isn’t just saying that EOS is a good option. They insist that EOS is better than Ethereum and that it will overtake Ethereum soon.

So, can EOS overtake Ethereum? The cryptocurrency industry is unpredictable and even if EOS is still far from Ethereum in terms of market capitalization and price, it is getting close in terms of features and functionality. The EOS platform can take from 1k to 6k transactions within one second. The best part is that there are no transaction fees on the network making it ideal for everyone and not out the rich. The EOS blockchain also offer developers incentives that they can’t get on Ethereum. There are many other reasons why EOS is a solid blockchain. Find out more about EOS and invest in it because it is going to be the future of blockchains that offer Ethereum-like functionality.


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