Ripple Is Working Hard Promote XRP (XRP) – Ripple’s Swell Conference

The Swell Conference of Ripple is underway this week, and it is going down in San Francisco. Conferences are one of the largest channels through which blockchain projects meet their users, investors, and also enlighten their community about what’s going on in the project, what they have achieved so far, and where they are going to.

The Swell Conference of Ripple is in line with other digital currency and blockchain events, where the digital currency or blockchain firm sponsor the parties and celebrities grace and glitz the event.

At one of the sessions yesterday, the stage was occupied by Bill Clinton – former president of the U.S – and he was talking about the importance of blockchain technology. A lot of celebrities were present at the event to provide the glamour.

Every Move of Ripple Inc. Elevates XRP (XRP)

All the splashy events and positive developments around Ripple Inc. do not just favor or elevate the firm alone, they also act as catalysts to boost the value of XRP (XRP) – the native digital currency of Ripple Inc. – whose value skyrocketed over the past weeks. Despite the fact that Ripple Inc. said it’s not the owner of XRP (XRP), adding that XRP is an independent digital currency, the firm has been doing a lot lately to drag more attention to the digital currency.

XRP (XRP) saw a massive rally towards the end of last month, amassing gains of more than 100 percent in a matter of days. However, this price rally has been attributed to the announced of Ripple regarding the soon to be launched xRapid – one of Ripple’s products that uses XRP to facilitate payments.

Ripple Reveals Three Firms Using XRP (XRP) for Real Settlements

While on stage at the Ripple’s Swell conference, Brad Garlinghouse – the CEO of Ripple Inc. – announced three firms that are now using the xRapid product of Ripple. According to the CEO, the three firms making commercial use of the product are Cuallix, Catalyst Corporate Credit Union, and MercuryFX, and this is the first time firms are putting the product to commercial use.

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