San Francisco Blockchain Week: October 5th to 12th

On October 5-12, San Francisco Blockchain Week looks to re-focus the blockchain community on what really matters: the technology behind blockchain, not the money.

SAN FRANCISCO – The SF Blockchain community has announced the inaugural San Francisco Blockchain Week from October 5 to 12. San Francisco Blockchain Week (SFBW) gathers the world’s blockchain community for a week of educational events focused on consumer adoption, technical innovation and insight from blockchain leaders in academics and industry who are looking to solve some of the industry’s largest problems.

Throughout the week, issues such as scalability, identity, privacy, decentralization, and future topics currently discussed in academia, but rarely discussed in depth by the general public, will be highlighted. SFBW strives to educate developers, consumers, and entrepreneurs on technical topics and familiarize them with leading projects currently in development. This week-long, immersive experience aligns projects with the community by giving teams a platform to teach, and the community an opportunity to learn all in one place.

“The blockchain community in San Francisco has realized that there is too much noise and not enough substance at most events today,” said Ronen Kirsh, the event coordinator and managing partner at Dekrypt Capital. “As a result, we created San Francisco Blockchain Week to be a community event focused on high-quality education that engages both new consumers as well as experienced developers.”

San Francisco Blockchain Week consists of:

World Class Blockchain Conferences: San Francisco Blockchain Week is centered around three headline events – the Ethereum Hackathon ETHSanFrancisco on October 5-7, San Francisco Blockchain Week Epicenter on October 8-9 and the Crypto Economic Security Conference (CESC) on October 10-11.

Education and Development: A plethora of free educational events, developer workshops, meet-ups, and deep dives will be hosted in various locations throughout the city. In addition, UC Berkeley will host a blockchain academy for executives looking to learn more about blockchain technology.

Networking: The SFBW app will notify participants of new events, schedule meetings, host location based giveaways, and organize tickets for various events. The week includes various Crypto Happy Hours, BlockParties, and San Francisco Tours hosted by blockchain teams and vendors.

Community Building and Recruiting: With so many talented community members in attendance, San Francisco Blockchain Week will host a job fair, recruitment workshops, and community building activities for various projects.

“San Francisco Blockchain Week is a great chance for people to learn about and get interested in blockchain. Hosting ETHSanFrancisco here at the start of the week will give developers a way to really dig deep into new ideas, meet other developers and build things – all of which are key to growing the Ethereum and blockchain community in San Francisco,” said Kartik Talwar of ETHGlobal.

San Francisco Blockchain Week is an event created by the blockchain community, for the blockchain community.

Free tickets are available here. Learn more at:

Adam Webb is editor in Smartereum, blockchain and currency news, where he produces updates on Blockchain, Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurrencies.


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