Centbee, The Bitcoin Cash Wallet Set To Release A Beta Version For Transacting BCH

Just like regular wallets are used to store money and other valuables, cryptocurrency wallets are used to store cryptocurrency for safe keeping. These wallets are often used to send and not just receive cryptocurrencies. Centbee, is a centric wallet by BCH that was created to allow fast and efficient transfer of BCH tokens. A beta version of this wallet is going to be released soon. The cryptocurrency community has waited for this wallet for a long time and Centbee is confident that it’s going to surpass everyone’s expectation. By realising the Beta version, the company intends to get insight from users that will be used to improve the final version of the app. This is the first beta version it has released.

What To Expect From The Centbee Bitcoin Cash Wallet

According to Centbee, the new BCH wallet isn’t going to be extraordinary in anyway. It is a simple wallet that offers straight forward features to users. It was built next to Nchain. The wallet will be easy to use so even those who are new in the industry can benefit from it. The best part is that the Centbee BCH wallet will be accompanied by test tokens that will allow users test the platform without spending their cryptocurrency. To use test tokens, simply send an email to the company requesting them. The company will forward the tokens to you. The beta version of the wallet was made just for testing the sending and storing capabilities of the wallet.

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Bitcoin Cash

The Centbee wallet supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH) so it’s not a surprise that it is working in close ranks with Nchain on SDK, a POS software development kit. This will allow users to integrate their phone contacts with the Bitcoin Cash users on the app. The new platform promises to be different from other already existing BCH wallets. After the beta version is released, the company will be able to make improvements on the wallet.


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