Russia is leading the push with Blockchain platforms

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Blockchain News-Russia is leading the pack with Blockchain platforms: Many countries are trying to create rules and regulations in order to use the blockchain technology as well as control cryptocurrencies. However, with the 2016 presidential elections just around the corner, Russia is surely leading the pack.

Increasing democratic powers of citizens:

Russia has granted the citizens more and more powers in a democratic way. Currently, the citizens are able to choose the colors as well as the other details of a sports arena as well as the Metro train. On the other hand, when it comes to cryptocurrency related news, there is a rumor that the vote counting would be based on the blockchain technology. This is specially true for the city of Moscow.

This clearly indicates that Russia especially the city of Moscow has complete trust on the blockchain technology. The blockchain would be based on the Ethereum platform. It would have more than 100 node operations.

While many of the countries are trying to insulate themselves from blockchain as well as cryptocurrency but Russia is trying to incorporate it in the bureaucracy. If indeed, it is able to incorporate blockchain in the bureaucracy, it would be a huge boost for the blockchain technology.

The scale of operations:

With the help of blockchain-based platforms, Moscow is trying to include the citizens in the decision-making processes. The platform was originally launched in 2014. The program is known as active citizen program. The total numbers of users on the platform are over 2 million.

The city of Moscow consistently conducts polls in order to gauge the feedback from the visitors. With the help of these polls, various important decisions are taken as well. This has had a huge impact on the citizen participation in the governance.

As these platforms are based on the blockchain, it becomes easier for the city to handle the scale of operations as well. Moreover, they can easily handle the impulses in traffic as well which ensures that more and more citizens are encouraged to participate in the polls.

Winning trust of the citizens:

With the help of this move, Moscow is also able to win the trust of the citizens. This is the main reason why Moscow is initiating such programs.

With the increased use of blockchain in governance in Moscow, other cities would follow suit soon as well. This is the reason why this initiative by the government of Russia as well as city of Moscow is actually pretty noteworthy. It remains to be seen which other countries would follow suit soon. Source: Coindesk

Adam Webb is editor in Smartereum, blockchain and currency news, where he produces updates on Blockchain, Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurrencies.


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