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Cryptojacking: Tesla Cryptojacked due to Passwordless System: Cryptojacking is becoming more and more common. The latest company which was affected is Tesla. According to cloud security intelligence, Tesla’s AWS wasn’t protected by a password. This is the reason why hackers were able to take advantage of the passwordless system.

The software container Kubernets was used by the hackers to mine the cryptocurrency.

In October of last year, AWS was also used in order to mine Bitcoins. The same company detected this crypto jacking as well. At that point of time, the victims were Aviva and Gemalto.

One difference between this cryptojacking as compared to the others was hackers created their own mining pool which was integrated with the malicious script. Also, the endpoint was not listed either. This made it much more difficult for the company to detect any kind of hacking activity.

In order to ensure that the hackers would not get caught, the CPU usage was kept on the lower side. Also, the IP addresses were hidden with the help of cloudflare. This is the reason why it was actually pretty difficult to detect this cryptojacking attempt.

Tesla has garnered a lot of positive news in the last one year. It has also announced that its technology can be used to mine Bitcoin in a completely unintended way. The owner of Tesla also stated that the mining rig can be easily placed in the car in order to mine the cryptocurrencies.

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However, the latest hacking attempts is more brazen in nature as compared to the earlier ones. It does not indicate whether any of the users were impacted or whether it only the central systems which were impacted. However, as bigger companies get impacted by crypto jacking, users should always be on the lookout.

It is important for the users to always scan their machines for suspicious activity. If there is a process which is eating up a lot of CPU resources, it can be a cryptojacking attempt. This is the reason why users always need to be on the lookout for such crypto jacking attempts.

It is a good idea to scan your PC frequently in order to find such malicious software. This would ensure that you are able to use the CPU power of your computer on your own rather than lending it to the cryptojacking scripts. This would also ensure that you are a complete control of your computer at all times.

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