Dapps On EOS (EOS) Get More Interest, Transaction Volume, And Active Users Than Ethereum Dapps

Ethereum is one of the oldest and most popular blockchain projects in the blockchain industry. The blockchain project has been very useful over the years, as it provides a platform for developers to develop decentralized applications. However, its dominance and relevance in the blockchain space is being threatened, as there are lots of blockchain project now that offers more than the blockchain of Ethereum offers.

EOS Price Today – EOS / USD


One of those top rivalries of Ethereum is EOS. EOS has become very popular over the years, as its blockchain project has become a home for developers that develop Dapps. A lot of Dapps have been developed and deployed on the blockchain of EOS, and it seems the Dapps on EOS are gaining more traction than those on Ethereum when it comes to transaction volumes, active users, etc.

EOS – the Greatest Threat to Ethereum (ETH)

When it comes to adoption of various decentralized apps by users, EOS seems to be getting ahead of Ethereum. A lot of users have testified that the Dapps built on the blockchain of EOS offer a better user experience (UX) than those built on the blockchain of Ethereum. They also said that transactions on EOS are very fast and they are also free.

EOS Has More Daily Active Users

According to data from DappRadar, only two decentralized apps on the blockchain of Ethereum and five decentralized apps on the blockchain of EOS have seen over 1,000 users over the past twenty-four hours. Among the top 10 decentralized applications that account for most of the users around, 20,000 of them belong to EOS while only 7,000 of them belong to Ethereum.

When it comes to transactions volumes, the Dapps on the blockchain of EOS have seen a volume of 12,000 million EOS coins which is currently about $67 million over the past twenty-four hours. Whereas, over the past twenty-four hours, Dapps on Ethereum have only seen transaction volumes of about 71k coins, worth about $16 million.

EOS has been doing pretty well over the past months, and it is referred to as “Ethereum killer.” If the blockchain project continues with this trend, it might become the most relevant and used blockchain by Dapp developers.


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