Soulja Boy Drops Bitcoin Rap Track – What It Means For the Crypto Industry

Soulja Boy, a renowned American artist released a cryptocurrency track, and it is the hottest trend right now. The Chicago based artist released the song in his album “Young Drako”, and it was reported that the album has been in the works for quite some time.

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A song for bitcoin

Many of his fans enjoyed the album, but it took crypto enthusiasts by surprise. The song is titled “bitcoin”, and many people assumed that it was created to mock the volatile market. This was not the case.

Soulja Boy bragged about how he made up to $100k from bitcoin in the track’s chorus. He also dropped several lines expressing his love for the digital currency. He also referenced Litecoin as well the nature of the cryptocurrency market while talking about how he wakes up daily to count his funds.

This track may easily be tagged a hypothetical scenario that not represent the artist’s life. Whatever the case may be, it shows that he knows what bitcoin is as well as the technology behind it.

Previously, artists have shown interest in the industry. The greatest rapper of all time, Eminem also made mention of bitcoin in his Kamikaze album. It was a one-liner, but it goes to show that the digital currency is becoming more popular.

What this means for the crypto space

This reference may be small, but it legitimizes the concept of cryptocurrency and shows that it has slowly infiltrated pop culture. It could influence how people see cryptocurrencies and reduce the negative press.

The market didn’t react after this track was released as it does in many cases. But the addition of cryptocurrencies in pop culture shows that the technology is permeating across the globe, and more adoption should be expected in the near future.




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