Constantinople: Testnet Launch for Ethereum’s Upgrade Has Been Delayed

Ethereum core developers have agreed to delay the launch of Ethereum’s next major upgrade on the test network Ropsten.

On Thursday, October 4, developer and team lead at the Ethereum Foundation Peter Szilagyi announced this decision explaining that the delay was necessary to allow clients to address a newly discovered vulnerability in the upgrade.

He tweeted:

“Via community decision, we’ve delayed the #Ethereum Ropsten testnet Constantinople hard fork by 1 epoch to block #4230000 (+5 days) to allow clients to implement, test and release an update to CREATE2, countering a recently found EVM DoS attack vector.”

The delay will also afford Ropsten users currently testing other other ethereum improvements to prepare for a possible split of the testnet which could take place by when Constantinople is implemented on the testnet.

Developer Jason Carver explained on a forum of ethereum developers:

“We know some clients will stay on the non-Constantinople Ropsten fork, like parity stable. Tests aren’t complete, so it’s reasonable to expect consensus errors too. We might say it’s acceptable to break a test network, but plenty of devs think of it as a place to test their contracts rather than for core to test consensus. All of that implies delaying.”

As Smartereum reported, ethereum developers had agreed to launch Constantinople on the testnet on October 9, and a launch on the mainnet after the annual ethereum developer conference (Devcon) ending on November 4.

Following the delay, the testnet launch will happen on October 15, about 5 days away from the previous date. This in line with Szilagyi’s advice that the launch should not be too close to the DevCon.

The developers also agreed on the block number block #4230000, which Parity developer Afri Schoedon says is perfect. “4230000 was my favorite block choice anyways,” he commented.

Solomon Sunny is the market reporter for Smartereum, one of the global leaders in Ethereum, blockchain and currency news. He produces technical price updates on digital currencies and writes recent developments about blockchain.


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