Jubiter Crypto Exchange – Why Should Crypto Traders Use It

Jubiter Cryptocurrency Exchange

Lovers of digital currency trading have now found a home that is built away from all the bureaucracies. Jubiter is a trading platform for cryptocurrency that has changed the trading game entirely. With its unique features, traders are now able to trade cryptocurrencies with convenience. The main cryptocurrencies at Jubiter are Bitcoin and Litecoin with Ethereum launching soon.

Jubiter’s Platform Simplicity

Jubiter’s trading platform can be accessed on their site, jubiter.com, where a trader opens an account in easy steps that do not require nerve-wrecking procedures. Their platform’s simplicity and defined user interface have become highly convenient, mostly for new traders who are searching for the right exchange platform. Jubiter’s high security is another benefit that is impossible to overlook. Their services are secured with high data encryption that is focused on protecting the personal information and funds of their dedicated users. They have three steps of user verification that include two-factor authentication, login guard, and cold storage, which keeps the user’s wallet offline when inactive.

Purchase and Currencies

What brings more excitement to traders is the ability to purchase the digital currencies using their credit cards (Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, and Visa Electron) and wire transfers. Jubiter has no minimum or maximum amount so you can send as much as you wish. As Jubiter prepares to introduce debit cards to their system, traders can now look forward to buying currencies using these cards and withdraw funds with the same at ATMs.

Traders can also use these debit cards to shop online and offline since the money they make will sufficiently reflect in their debit accounts. As they await this great feature, they can enjoy other perks like buying digital currencies with their credit cards using fiat currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro, and GBP. Users take pride in purchasing Bitcoin and Litecoin with the wire transfer, and they also relish the low transaction costs.

Security and Licenses

To top their security encryption, Jubiter guarantees legal compliance that is aimed at protecting them and the exchanges they carry out on the platform. Policies like AML and KYC (know your customer) have been incorporated alongside PCI DSS certification and registration by FinCen where it holds an MSB status.

Current and new traders can invite friends and family members to trade on Jubiter’s platform using their referral program, which, in turn, gives the user better commissions and other privileges.

Jubiter Customer Support

Their superb customer service is beyond commendable. Users and non-users can contact customer support using the toll-free mobile number and make inquiries. Customer support at Jubiter is high-quality and can be accessed using other platforms like media channels, live chat on their site, and email correspondences that are available from Monday to Saturday from 0800hrs to 0000hrs EST.

New users who may feel sceptical about using Jubiter due to the number of benefits mentioned should note that it is legitimate. Jubiter is a licensed cryptocurrency and is regulated by the Estonian financial authority. It has two main financial licenses; one for fiat currencies exchange and another for the provision of a digital currency wallet. Also, it is also available to over 161 countries worldwide.

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