Tron (TRX) Backs up Alibaba as It Considers Creating Digital Currency Trading Platform

In an effort to enhance the financial structure and ecosystem of Alibaba, the firm is considering creating a digital currency trading platform. According to internal sources, the Tron Foundation is solidly behind Alibaba in its effort to build a crypto exchange.

There are lots of digital currency trading platforms in the crypto market. The majority of them have achieved a considerable level of success in the crypto space. However, Alibaba and Tron are now putting heads together to arrive at the best practices in the crypto exchange space.

Alibaba’s Plan to Create a Digital Currency Trading Platform Has Been Underway for Months

According to a source by the firm, Alibaba has had plans towards creating a crypto exchange for months. The firm had already gone far in their plans before Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation declared their support. The firm is serious about its plans, and it is being worked on by the Tron team at the moment. Nevertheless, no one knows if the trading platform will be tied to the brand or not.

The Web Version of BitTorrent Is Coming Soon

BitTorrent, Tron’s recent acquisition, announces the forthcoming web version of the platform. While BitTorrent updates its community on its soon-to-be-launched web version, the platform just achieved a significant milestone. BitTorrent just exceeded the 1,000,000 active monthly users mark.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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The Tron Foundation has been doing all it can to increase the adoption of the digital currency over the months. They have been able to secure strategic partnerships and listings. However, the Foundation is currently integrating TRX into BitTorrent. The Foundation tagged this “Project Atlas,” and this will significantly increase the adoption of the coin in the near future.

BitTorrent has millions of users. The integration of TRX into BitTorrent will further expose the digital currency to more users. This would increase the awareness of the coin and impact its value positively.

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