What Has Cardano Accomplished Within The Last 12 Months? 

On the 29th of September, Cardano celebrated its one year anniversary. Over the past years, Cardano has been able to drive itself up to be among the top five cryptocurrencies in the market. It has also gathered popularity over time. The project is still a work in progress but it has great potential and it has had commendable accomplishments within the last few months.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Cardano was built mainly for the benefit of those in places where banking services are too expensive or unaccessible. It was also meant for those in developing nations that lack a stable identity system. The system is fully open sourced and decentralized. It also offers smart contract functionality like Ethereum.

cardano ada price

What Has Cardano Accomplished Within The Past 12 Months?

Since it is written in Haskell programming language, Cardano is one of the most secure blockchains in the world. After its creation, the cryptocurrency ADA was created as the native Cardano token. The platform also designed the Daedalus wallet with a development methodology that are driven by specification. While it was initially meant for just ADA, it has now become a universal wallet.

On the 15th of August, the platform launched the Icarus project. Icarus is an easy to use, fast and efficient browser wallet that allows developers to create their own applications. It is attached to Google Chrome as an extension. Cardano also debuted another wallet called Yoroi on the first of October.

Apart from the development of all these wallets, Cardano has also made progress in other areas. The IELE Virtual Machine makes Cardano stand out from other blockchain platforms and the transparency within the network makes it an excellent choice for developers and investors. Cardano has done remarkably well this year and the future of the platform is bright.

Cardano (ADA) Price Analysis

It’s true that Cardano has been taking huge development steps over the past few months but the price of the ADA coin hasn’t reflected these strides. However, it’s important to note that the entire cryptocurrency market is still bearish so the price depreciation isn’t affecting only Cardano. At the time of writing, Cardano was trading at $0.082287. This indicates a 1.02% rise against the USD and a 0.72% rise against Bitcoin. The 24 hour trading volume is $29,652,982 while the market capitalization is $2,133,451,206. Hopefully, when the bear market comes to an end, the developmental progress of Cardano will reflect on the price.


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