What Does The Future Hold For Bitcoin After The Price Volatility Hits 17-Month Low? 

Price volatility is a common feature in the cryptocurrency industry. It’s the reason why investors can make 900% ROI and it’s the reason why they can also suffer 900% loss. Bitcoin has always led the volatility even if it is the largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization. In fact, as the price of Bitcoin rise and falls, the price of other cryptocurrencies follow suit. However, the cryptocurrency market is evolving and the price volatility is reducing. Bitcoin price volatility has reached a 17-month low. While this may be due to low trading volume and slow news cycles, some investors believe that it is a sign that the cryptocurrency market is maturing.

Is The Lack Of Volatility Good Or Bad For Bitcoin?

Currently, there are two camps debating this issue. One camp believes that the lack of volatility is a good thing that signals maturity in the market while the other camp believes it is the beginning of the end. Over the last 30 days, the price of Bitcoin has shown commendable stability. It has traded within the ranges of $6,200 and $6,800. This is rather impressive and it led to an even tighter range of $6,500 to $6,600 within seven days.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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What Does The Future Hold For Bitcoin?

The relative price stability has led many investors to believe that the price of Bitcoin is preparing for an upside swing and it’s going to take every other cryptocurrency along with it. In fact, many day traders hope that the end of this year and the beginning of next year will be marked by an incredible rise in the price of Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency in the industry. Some investors hope that the December swing will break new highs.

The founder of DeVere Group, Nigel, during an interview with Bloomberg, said that the price stability may be a positive sign that the cryptocurrency market is maturing. Another known cryptocurrency expert, Mike McGlone, a commodity strategist at Bloomberg, said that investors should expect price volatility to drop significantly in time as the cryptocurrency market is rapidly maturing. He said that as more products are introduced to the market, the more the volatility will decline. In his words:

“The cryptocurrency industry is a maturing market. So, it’s not uncommon for price volatility to decline. New markets are usually volatile until after they’ve been firmly established. These industries will gather more derivatives, more participants, more ways of arbitraging, trading and hedging.

As the price volatility drops due to the market maturity, Bitcoin will become more attractive to long-term traders who can stay committed. As time goes on, the effect of the price stability will be observed throughout the industry. Everyone would know if the lack of volatility is for the better or for the worst.

Bitcoin Price Now

At the time of writing, $6,571.14. This shows that the price is down by 0.61% within a 24 hour period. The trading volume is $3,283,961,217 within 24 hours while the total market capitalization is $113,740,616,912.


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