Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Focused Cryptocurrency Exchange To Be Launched By Roger Ver 

Even if the cryptocurrency industry is currently suffering price stagnation, it is still being developed on the sidelines. By discovering more use cases and building more cryptocurrency based systems, top proponents of the industry are ensuring its development. Roger Ver has been an advocate for Bitcoin Cash ever since its inception. The CEO Of is now considering launching a Bitcoin Cash focused cryptocurrency exchange.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Today – BCH / USD

Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver, during an interview with Malta on Bloomberg, said that he is making plans to buy an already existing exchange or develope a new one soon. He said that the main cryptocurrency on the platform will be Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and that it will be coded by partners of According to him, building such a platform will come with some drawbacks and some advantages. In his words:

“If we decide to build it by ourselves, we will be able to get exactly what we want at an affordable price. However, we do not have the security of an exchange platform that has been tested and has existed for a while.”

Ver said that the cryptocurrency exchange will be published on This makes sense since the webpage already has a large audience. The exchange will be capitalizing on the user base.

Ver’s Optimism In Bitcoin Cash is Legendary

The whole of this year has been marked with turmoils in the cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin and virtually every other cryptocurrency in the market has been having a hard time. The market has been bearish and only the strongest cryptocurrencies are going to survive the storm. Many cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts have lost complete faith in the industry but despite the negative comments and sentiment in the market, Ver has remained bullish about Bitcoin Cash.

The Bitcoin Cash enthusiast, believes that there are better days ahead for cryptocurrencies. Not too long ago, he reassured the public of his commitment to Bitcoin Cash during an interview on CNBC. He said that he believes Bitcoin Cash will eventually become the one and only bitcoin. Whether this will become a reality or not is still not clear but Ver is standing by his words.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis 

Main while, the price of Bitcoin Cash is currently trading in red according to the data on CoinMarketCapital. At the time this piece was written, it was trading at $509.23. This shows that it is down by 1.92% against the USD and down by 0.83% against Bitcoin. Most of the $369,069,677 trading volume is coming from sellers.


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