POA Debuts A Full Featured Ethereum Classic Explorer BlockScout But ETC Keeps Trading In Red 

Innovation is what drives technology and the adoption of technology. This applies to every industry including the cryptocurrency industry. POA network has just launched the first full featured open-source explorer BlockScout for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The BlockScout was unveiled on the 9th of October in New York. The tool is usable in the Ethereum ecosystem. With this tool, users can explore and search transactions, balances and addresses on all POA Network blockchains as well as Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

BlockScout Is The Future Of Block Explorers

Available on BlockScout.com, BlockScout represent the future of block explorers. It allows interested users to get details about token transfers, balance, transaction histories, etc. The best part is that these things can be accessed in real time on the intuitive interface. Anyone who is interested in contributing to the development of the tool is allowed seen it is open-source. You can also customize it to fit your needs. The developer functionality is easy to use and it includes support for ERC – 721 and ERC – 20 tokens. The API is super flexible and it offers smart contract verification, querying and tracking of block confirmations.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Today – ETC / USD

Ethereum Classic

During the launch, the lead developer of POA Network, Igor Barinov said:

“When we were building our network, we noticed that our current block explorer options were limited in functionality and closed source. For this reason, we could not offer updates, integrate sidechains or add to the development. BlockScout changes the game for explorers because it provides detailed insights for anyone who is looking for a way to effectively verify transactions on private chains, sidechains and on the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic blockchain.”

In August, a beta version of the BlockScout was released on GitHub after more than 12 months of development. After getting feedback from the community, a more ideal, feature-rich version of BlockScout will be introduced to public.

Ethereum Classic Price Analysis

The news about the release of BlockScout hasn’t caused any spike in the price of Ethereum Classic. At the time of writing, Ethereum Classic was trading in red at $10.74. This shows that it was down by 1.59% against the USD and 0.65% against Bitcoin. Since the price hasn’t reflected the good news yet, it’s safe to say that the general negative sentiment in the market may be responsible.


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