Crypto Influencer David Gokhshtein: I just pray that people who follow me don’t fall for scams

David has been involved in entrepreneurial projects and innovative business concepts for over a decade with a background in technology and financial services.

David’s passion for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology was ignited in 2015 when he realized its potential to revolutionize the world. Through robust research and self-education David has established himself as a respected, knowledgeable and dynamic trailblazer for the Cryptocurrency Community. With over 70K Twitter community, David is helping a lot for crypto to go mainstream.

• Can you please tell us about yourself and your background?

First off, I want to say thank you for taking the time to interview me. It’s an honor.

As for my background, I was born and raised in New York. I come from a blue collar family. My parents worked extremely hard to make sure that all and any opportunities would be available to me and I always appreciate that. I get my positive and never quit mentality from them.

I started working at the age of nine as a paperboy. I was excited as hell to deliver newspapers. The job taught me a lot. Fast forwarding, I accidentally found myself working in the automotive industry. I’ve been around the automotive industry for over fifteen years.

I’ve always been into technology, and I started getting into blockchain around 2014-2015. I thought it was such an amazing platform. And here we are now.

• You are one of the top blockchain influencers in the space. How long it will take for blockchain going mainstream?

I believe we are about a good six to twelve months ago from being truly mainstream. We are still young though and we need to help educate people on what blockchain technology really is.

• You are all about cryptocurrency. I see there are lots of scams impersonating you on Twitter. How do you deal with that? 

Honestly, it’s hard. Everyday I have ten accounts impersonating me on Twitter and I just pray that people who follow me don’t fall for it. And that’s the accounts that I see and can report. Who knows how many are out there that I don’t see. I mean do I solve the problem by taking myself off Twitter?

• Scams are mostly impersonating cryptocurrency industry’s best-known figures. What would be the best option to save yourself from scams as a crypto investor?

It would be nice to be verified. Same goes for all the big names in the industry that aren’t. You want to make sure that people can find and follow whoever they’re looking for. We’ve all heard stories about a lot of people being scammed because they thought it was someone who was legit.

• You have been accepted to be part of Forbes Finance Council. How will you go on contributing to the industry?

When I got accepted to be apart of the Forbes Finance Council, I was extremely happy. It’s something you dream about. I mean I read Forbes so to be associated with it is phenomenal.

That being said, I will use my platform to do everything possible to promote this space. Education being the biggest key.

• How did you get involved into cryptocurrency?

I was reading about it, and I was like “what do I have to lose?”. Let me invest in it. So I did and I came on to Twitter not knowing anyone else who used the platform to talk about cryptocurrency, and the rest is history.

• Where do you see the future of market for 2019?

I believe that we are going to see crypto get out of this bear market once Bakkt launches in November, which will lead to a fantastic 2019.

• Can crypto outburst the fiat?

This is a tough one. Not right now, but who knows what the future holds. I personally believe that the banks and governments around the world will create their own crypto’s.

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