Cardano (ADA) Takes Its Blockchain To A Whole New Level With A New Toolkit 

Cardano is one of the fastest growing blockchains in the cryptocurrency industry today. From one technological development to the other IOHK has proven that it is ready to take Cardano to the top. Recently, Cardano launched an open source project that will allow third party developers penetrate the Cardano ecosystem. The Rust project, is a toolkit that gives developers the power to build their own products on the Cardano blockchain. It offers a host of functions that can be used to effectively build and integrate decentralized apps on the Cardano blockchain. Apps for mobile devices are also included in the mix.

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As reported by, the release of Cardano Rust was announced as Cardano marked its one year anniversary with an event in Tokyo that was hosted by Charles Hoskinson and Emurgo. Rust is going to allow Cardano explore a world of limitless possibilities and reach a new audience. Developers from different niches will be able to build third party applications on the Cardano blockchain for the first time ever. The Rust code will support various programming languages including Javascript and C. This will help build the Cardano community even more.

Cardano Rust Project

Under this project, IOHK has already released a standalone ADA wallet that runs on mobile devices. It is fast and flexible and it isn’t attached to any other application. CLI wallet was included in the development kit. This is a wallet that developers can use when building decentralized applications.

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK said:

“It’s been amazing to watch Cardano evolve over the past 12 months. Rust project has opened a world of possibilities as it gives Cardano access to several developers. This will open the doors for more growth and development in the industry. We can’t wait to see what developers will create on the Cardano blockchain. We believe it is on its way to becoming the leading blockchain in the industry.”

The Director of Education at IOHK, Lars Brünjes said:

“We are excited to announce the release of Rust. The Rust project is a Cardano API that was written with a command-line interface and a Cardano wallet. With this tool, developers will be able to build software that targets the Cardano infrastructure. We cannot wait to see how the project will benefit the Cardano community.”

The Cardano Rust project works with the Cardano settlement layer that is designed in Haskell programming language. However, it is portable, lightweight and fast. It is compatible with iOS, web and Android deceives and it is going to be a favorite for third party developers.


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