CarVertical And IOTA (MIOTA) Are Planning Something Big 

IOTA is one of the best third generation blockchains in the industry right now. It’s interest in the internet of things is definitely going to take it to the next level. From one partnership to the other IOTA is gradually becoming the best choice for IoT. The most recent deal for IOTA is its partnership with CarVertical. IOTA intends to use DLTs to give car owners the opportunity to get accurate car data. The data can be anything from car accident history to odometer readings. While IOTA’s interest in the automobile industry is no news, this particular project is of interest to investors because it is going to change the game for both parties and open a door of possibilities.

IOTA (MIOTA) Price Today – MIOTA / USD


The IOTA foundation made the announcement of an upcoming partnership and the entire community was amazed since there are already so many projects in the pipeline for IOTA. As previously reported by, IOTA is already in partnership with some of the largest automobile companies in the world including Volkswagen, and Audi. It has also tapped into the car insurance industry as demonstrated by Biosphere.

IOTA And CarVertical

A partnership between CarVertical and IOTA will definitely change the game for both platforms. The big announcement will certainly increase the value of IOTA (MIOTA). A rise in the value of the cryptocurrency is going to do a lot of good in this relatively stagnant market. Irrespective of the kind of partnership IOTA is about to enter with car vertical, the IOTA platform is already beginning to dominate the IoT industry.

Apart from the automobile industry, IOTA is making waves in the manufacturing industry. The recent partnership with Fujitsu shows that it is making big plans to make this industry smarter and more efficient. As the Fujitsu’s programmable sensors are adopted, the IOTA (MIOTA) token will also be adopted globally. Adoption is one of the requisites for a cryptocurrency to remain relevant. This is because a good product that no one knows about will eventually leave the market. Because of how fast the IOTA ecosystem is moving, MIOTA has a higher chance of gaining adoption when compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Apart from its technological edge, IOTA offers free transactions over the internet. This makes it a more accessible option to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other platforms with high transaction fees. Also, it was built on the DAG technology that is slowly gaining traction in the blockchain industry. If IOTA continues at this pace, it will eventually become one of the top three cryptocurrencies per market capitalization.


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